Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ouchhh! I’ve been Tagged by CATLINA

Anyway, thanks to catlina for this TAG.

7 facts about myself

1. I always love & miss my hubby so much… not forgetting my little Hero Alden.

(always be my 1st list)

2. I’m a teacher, a wife of Mr. Dodon & mama of a young little handsome Aldeany Hope :)

3. ...planning for a baby girl next year… twin would be a bonus

(hehe.. no kidding I got a twin brother)

4. …came from a big family with 8 brothers and a sister

( u may check the list in my entry before)

5. I celebrate Harvest Festival, Ester Day, Christmas Day & of course Birthday!

6. huuhuu.. I’m now 29th years old, but I don’t give a damn on it..

age is just anumber as long as you are young at heart.. that’s matter hehe..

7. Catlina’s neighbour.

6 unspectacular quirks of mine

1. I love eating…eat, eat .. eat.. :p especially nasi lemak.

2. I prefer shower then zZZzzZZ... whenever I am angry or feel like he**

3. love traveling, shopping(sometime window shopping) heehee…

4. When I am a single going to cinema is a MUST…just love the loud

sound effect and the screams by the peoples there. Sometimes I scream too.. haha

5. After married still love to cinema… hehe..

6. I’m now addicted to blog.... (but not as addicted as Catlina… I’m kidding!)

7 people to tag...
I don’t have much friend to tag by but sesape yg tersuka suke tag ni.. just follow the rules.. :p

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Alden At The Beach

We've been having a great time during our trip to Langkawi last week
and of course we truly take the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the beach
I would really love it to continue all day long.. :)


i need to practice my swimming skills...

the tournament is getting closer..

one... two ... three... SMILE!!!

(more pictures soon)

Poor Papa..

In conjunction of this Tahun Baru Hijrah I got funny news today, Papa woke up early in the morning today and then later… he got a tangled with me (not a serious one…); (marah2 sayang je) it just about the ASNB book that he searched for… so I helped him to searched for it, do flashed back … finally papa found it safely at the cabinet... sigh~

I prepared him a breakfast, kissed good bye and he rashly go to Kluang town. After a few minutes, I got call from papa… He told me about today is Tahun Baru Hijrah and Post office is CLOSED.

Poor papa… actually he wants to transfer some money from Maybank into his ASNB today… BUT I think it’s kind of good news for me.. hehehee… so that I can ask papa to buy me a New Year present :p

Salam 2008/2009 from Umie&Papa itam

Tq umie&papa itam...
I really appreciate it...

Salam Tahun Baru too (today)..

according to Islam Calendar :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Peace be with you...

…I miss every one of you.

  1. My Family

Dodon’s family

- Dadii&Mumy, Mama membakut

- Dmes & Carol, Cristinus & gf, Mark & eyon, boy, elmy & kicong…

Jue’s family

- Tama(Helena @Langguin Giti)

- Betty + Bibi, Ishyam, Arin & Adii (Happy New Year 2009)

- Jack & Emma + Oggie

- Christy & Jessy + Welther, Welner & Weldorie

- Dee Dee & Winnie + Marissa Marcella, Darren Deo & Trisha Treshie

- Datin @ Kingkong & Fiancée(Floria)

- Crispinus @Piung, Jasidie @Cakster, Jossie @Dosikkk, Jean Mccolland @ Dading

  1. My Uncle/Auntie/Cousin

- Uncle Macklus&Aunty Peggy +Kaylay Ash & Mark(Shah Alam), Deborrie(Perak), Sebastian & Ewod

- Tinan Kondisim +Mala, yahoi Family…, Koyo&Ralph + Bright Son&Honey Church,…

- Tinsim & Boliou +Ben & Audrey + Adgar Noven, Liza&Stephen + Angel Tessa & Aiden John(Sipitang), Justin &Wife + 3 Starrings(Kota Belud), Latak & Ekol, Menggatal..

- Ura&Family,Sandakan; Auntie Surimboi & Family, Penampang; Auntie Losinim Family,Tenom; etc.. Sorry I forgot the name..

- Theresa & Family, Tenghilan

  1. Mama’s Friends

- Saujana'97 >> Onoi & Larry; Sarawak; Oyoh & Ah Cai + Mandy; Bontoi, Tamparuli; Jassy&Johnson + Joyce ;Kelawat, Tamparuli; Herny&Husband; Tamparuli; Jessica @elam & Husband; Tuaran, Toyong, Ajong, Kedeq, wayne ..etc

- MatriUMS'98 >> Ivy&bruts + owen&Celine; Tambunan/Melaka; Leony & Family; Sarawak; Clare Martey, Luyang; Cynde May, Papar; Avel, Papar; Lydia@Lido, Tamparuli; Judith & Johan, Kota Belud; Edelia Zack&Nimrod, Kudat; Einond & Husband, Tamparuli; Banack,Tawau; Bebekk, Emily, Ranau; etc...

- St. Martin Malangang Caroles group + Belia/Liga Wanita/toinsnan umat St. Martin, especially NanC Jipanis, Kolijukk, Bibi bennecy& Sulob + Baby Blesser, Shella&Gallie, Alley, Steve, anna, Yennitha, Easther, om toinsanan la kio... siou amu norait narann..

- Caroline Akiu & Family,Menggatal; Christina & Family, Penampang; Suella Immit, Putatan; Dinah & Doms, Penampang; Sr. Anunciata, England; Beth, Kiulu; Precilla &Husband + Brady, Sandakan; etc...

To those I have done WRONG & HURT,
To those I may have HELPED,
I wish I did MORE.

To those who have HELPED me, I sincerely THANK you.
To those who have done WRONG to me,

N0 hurt feelings. N0 fights.
All peace within our heart!
Be humble. Don't let our pride rule us. . . .
Have a Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year 2009.

Lots Of Love From us; Alden, Papa & Mama.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


On this Christmas Day I would like to wish everyone who celebrate or celebrating

Christmas right now… (I’ll list down the name in my next entry).

Have a Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year 2009

We've just got back from vacation that day and everyone was still tired including Alden.

As you can see above Alden is sleeping during the Christmas Eve mass and papa had to carry him until the mass ended.

Silent night… Holy night…; Joy to the world….; ..born is the King of Israel..; Feliz Navidad sha la la la la… we had so much fun sang the songs on Christmas Eve mass last night… and when it comes to ‘silent night, holy night’ song it just killing me… I was in tears over the Christmas memories in Sabah.

Even though, that we have to spend Christmas far away from our family in Sabah, still Christmas was so wonderful this year, probably because my husband was off work and truly had the time to enjoy it. We even went for a vacation to Langkawi as our early Christmas gift and we just love it… I’ll post the pictures soon.

thanks papa; oxoxoxo ;


We have been to vacation since November 17th ’08, and during that time I haven’t much time to do updates to this blog. So now we’re back and don’t know where to start…
Anyway, since today is December 25th, 2008, I think I should start with this one...

Alden & Family

Alden with mama, Aunty Carol & Uncle Dmes

Pictures taken on Christmas Eve...
10:00pm; December 24th ’08. St. Louis, Kluang;
then after the mass we go for Christmas dinner or may I called it supper.. Chinese Restaurant.. hong kong fish steam boat.. 'pai kut wong' dunno how to spell it hehe.. baby kailan with garlic.. mix vege soup... drinks(0% alcohol) ... unfortunately I forgot to take picture of those yummy.. delicious foods. back to home at 2.30am.. is that crazy or what! What a great day we have; Thanks God for all you have done for us yesterday, today & tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wish for Christmas

It's a wonderful day with a good feeling inside me and no wonder, it’s in a Christmas Season :o) although I am just 1 year old +++ this will be my 2nd celebrations 4 Christmas. But this time would be different cuz I am not going to spend my Christmas with my dad/mum relatives or even my grandma's/pa’s in Sabah. Whoa! I'm just dying inside when I think of that sweet moment.. Anyway, I still can spend my Christmas with my uncle Dmes & Auntie Carol.

(Mr.Moo: baguslah kalo ingat, time tu ko masi kici lagi ba..)

At my dad side, yes I am the 1st grandchild and of course they love me sooo much! They kissed all over my face ha-ha... Isn't it funny, when you were a child everybody is kissing you but when you grown up nobody kiss you rite? Except for mum, my dad always kisses her forehead. I've asked my dad before about that and he replied ''that's how lucky you, to be as a baby'' then he smile at me. That's so confusing me but I keep it in my heart.

But don't get me wrong, my mum relatives also love me sooo much! Even I am the 12th grandchild. :o) I just can't get my eyes closed; too much playing, nonstop ha-ha and I always end up sleeping peacefully after playing. I still remember on my 1st come back 2 Sabah, my cousins are very excited 2 see me, a cute and handsome 'new cousin' heehee. My aunts & uncles also not missed to give me those presents and KISSES! Ha-ha how lucky I am..

Now, it’s totally different! I'm going to spend my Christmas without them. Anyway, still I hope this Christmas will be the most wonderful Christmas ever. It's enough for me to celebrate Christmas with my loving and caring mama and papa. Besides they're very funny and sometimes mad. That's sooo sweet..


Opss... Now it’s the time for me to wish something from my beloved papa n mama. Hee, ma..pa.. I wish for a little brother as for my Christmas present... Okess..? I don't mind even if I might not get my present right away. I'll wait. It's ok po'..walang anuman ok.. He-he-he sounds like filipino one.. :o)

(Mr.Moo: baa baguslaa tu, tapi misti durang mo girl tu this time... tp ko suda besediaka jadi big brother??

Nda menyasall ni? )

Okay.. Ok... I also don’t mind if it’s to be my little sister, as long as I have a company. No regret. (Besides, I’ll have a new remote..heehee.. )

(Mr. Moo : Ooo..macamtu ka..? mana buli suru2 adik seja.. tak baik punya tauu..)

Last but not least, for those who celebrate Christmas I hope you will have a wonderful & joyful Christmas time.

And special dedication for my Papa & Mama..

I love you so much pa, ma... tq for taking care of me...



Tg. Piai, Pontian, Johor. The Southernmost Tip of Mainland Asia

Special thanks to Mr & Mrs Fly for giving me

the permission to 'steal' those beautiful

& creative pictures from their blog


Papa look at the back... someone is 'skoding' us... hahaa..

Mama... what's so funny?



by Mr&Mrs Fly