Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the chronological of 30 August 2008..

30/08/08 - iam 1year old (today +3days :p)
At 12 midnight - mama & papa say Hepi Botday to me and sang the birthday anthem song.. (they love me so much kan.. tochi-tochi papa&mama)

morning... i woke up early in the morning, i saw papa still 'terbongkang' on the couch.. mama sleeping beside me... huh masih tido lagi orang tua haku ni.. cucuk lubang idung mama..hehe..
hmm... malas laa menaip ni.. sian papaku.. see me in picture laa :-

morning at home : good morning papa... pls wake up, wer is my hadiah, papa said want to gimme RM100 if i can walk on my birthday.. see i can walk hehe... aiks apsal kereta alden ni sangkut.. ooo langgar papa upenye...soliii..

noon at home : suprise!... Fashion show ar... mama asked me to wear the cloths of my future sister... adakaa mama ni... don't take photo baa, malu laa alden..=(

At home (5.30pm): wah see my teeths ... got 4(above) + 2(below) = 6 oredi... grrrr gigit mama..

At church (6 p.m) :"Bila besar nanti akan ku beli lilin macam lilin ni, kemudian aku biar lilin tu membakar diri untuk menerangi hidup orang"... uiksss..napa macam panas je jari aku ni papa...

at S&S art of cakes kafeteria (8.30 pm) : sambut birthday alden (a treat from papa&mama). My 1kg iceream cake, sedap woorrr nyumm nyumm... RM58!.. abih kopak dompet papa haha..aiks mintak mama tambah duit nampak..hehe

... ikuti kisah lanjut hari birthday ku dalam post akan datang..


chan said...

Dedicate to you dearest deany on your 1st year in donny's family....

A ldeany my darling precious!
L ovelist and sweetest cutie baby,
D edicate to you my sweetest kisses,
E nclose to you my heart warming kisses,
A ll the joyous and happiness always be with you,
N ever ever cries your tears out,
Y ield the laughter and joyous to your family members,

Hope that success always accompany you,
O ver the rainbow reach the sky,
Push yourself to the highest of all,
Extra ordinary bright future is smiling at you!

AldenHope said...

waa.. tq aunt chan.. chan cecee..
u really got dats talents! fuyioo.. solute!

i will ask papa to put ur poem in frnt of my blog..(specially for u, chan cece..)