Thursday, December 25, 2008


We have been to vacation since November 17th ’08, and during that time I haven’t much time to do updates to this blog. So now we’re back and don’t know where to start…
Anyway, since today is December 25th, 2008, I think I should start with this one...

Alden & Family

Alden with mama, Aunty Carol & Uncle Dmes

Pictures taken on Christmas Eve...
10:00pm; December 24th ’08. St. Louis, Kluang;
then after the mass we go for Christmas dinner or may I called it supper.. Chinese Restaurant.. hong kong fish steam boat.. 'pai kut wong' dunno how to spell it hehe.. baby kailan with garlic.. mix vege soup... drinks(0% alcohol) ... unfortunately I forgot to take picture of those yummy.. delicious foods. back to home at 2.30am.. is that crazy or what! What a great day we have; Thanks God for all you have done for us yesterday, today & tomorrow.