Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yesterday, I woke up early in the morning just to give my papa a kiss before He go to Putra Jaya or may I call it out station. But then I found my eyes got ‘taie mata'... I tried to open my eyes slowly and at last YES! Berjaya! Haha..
My mama, tried to clear those ‘taie mata’ but she can't Huhu…I really don't like anything comes around my face. So, I ran quickly to papa. I gave up... papa did it for me.. Huh!
Then He gave me a hug&kiss.
Babaiii,papa.. Have a safe journey.

As usual mama will switch on the TV and ask me to watch PHDC, cartoon channel that I like the most. But this time I’m not in a good mood. Maybe because of my eyes.. it was painful and itchiness.. so, I just lay in front of the TV; pretending that I am watching. Hahaa.. then I fell asleep eventually.

Actually my mama planned to meet Chan ‘jie jie’ at school that day but in spite of me she cancelled her plan. I am sure that Chan jie..jie will understand mama situation. Besides Chan ‘jie jie’ gave mama some tips or info that are related to my sore eyes. That is about CONJUNCTIVITIS. Hmm, what’s that arr..

And here is the info;

What is conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis also called as ‘red’ or ‘sore eyes’. It is an inflammation of the conjunctiva; the clear membrane that covers the white part of eye in lines the inner surface of the eyelids. Bacteria, viruses and allergies are usual causes. The common symptoms include eye redness, discharge and itchiness, swollen eyelids and sensitivity to lights.

How to prevent?

Well, hand washing is very important! Do not share eye drops, tissues, face cloths, and towel or pillow cases, dispose of tissues with care.

No wonder mama always reminds me to wash my hands after touching my eyes. Hmm..


Most cases are treated with prescription antibiotic or eye ointment.

Clean the edges of the infected eye wif care, using warm water and sterile cotton pad.

How its spread?

Only bacterial and viral conjunctives are infectious. They are spread through direct contact wif someone who has it or wif something the person has touched. It can also be spread through coughing and sneezing.

What a long explanations but its worthwhile. Thanks Chan ‘jie jie’… thanks for your ‘health today’ magazine.

Mama prepared me to clinic that evening at about 2pm ++ but unfortunately there’s no doc available so mama just bought an eye drops for me. And it works! That eye drops cured my sore eyes.. but what’s happened? Poor mama, she has been infected. I hope mama will get well soon.


Dodon said...

get well soon mama and baby alden..
And papa did cancelled his bowling appointment to look after mama and baby alden kan..Hehe

Aldeany Hope said...

Hehee.. No regret ar papa?
:p Tq. Harap2 inda tejangkit tu..