Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Some people say dreaming is just a waste of time. They believed that a dream is just a dream, a fantasy but me. A dream in your life will creates hope. Hope gives us strength and courage to go through life. And Hope would make life a little bit easier. I guess it is the reason for us to keep on buzzing, face up to reality, sharing and caring not just for ourselves but others, dare to loved, love and lovable..(etc)

And guess what? The most important thing that Hope creates in me is the big smile on my face. That’s my life full of happiness.

It’s simple; when you start dreaming you got hope. Hope gives you life. When u stops dreaming, you’ll lose Hope. And without Hope sooner or later you’re going to breathe your last breath. No joy, no life and just no nothing.

So, start dreaming…dream... Dream… DREAM… if you work hard for it, your dream will come true someday. You’ll achieve something that you always wanted. I bet you!

Since I have a loving and caring momma & papa I know I can make my dreams come true.

p.s I watched the movie in title of ‘Just a Dream’ on Hallmark Channel when I got some idea of writing about Hope. The story and the character of ‘Henry’ in that movie are inspirations to me. To be honest the movie was boring but some of the wording really motivates me.

Alden: Yet I still don’t know what my dream is. Ha-ha-ha


Papa-Itam said...

oh alden.....berangan ler mama ko belikan mainan banyak2 yer

Aldeany Hope said...

yelaaa, papa-itam & umie.

Harap2 ler mama & papa paham tujuan alden ni :p

Skrg ni alden sukaaaa sangat kalau g play ground tp d mana ya?