Thursday, December 25, 2008


On this Christmas Day I would like to wish everyone who celebrate or celebrating

Christmas right now… (I’ll list down the name in my next entry).

Have a Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year 2009

We've just got back from vacation that day and everyone was still tired including Alden.

As you can see above Alden is sleeping during the Christmas Eve mass and papa had to carry him until the mass ended.

Silent night… Holy night…; Joy to the world….; ..born is the King of Israel..; Feliz Navidad sha la la la la… we had so much fun sang the songs on Christmas Eve mass last night… and when it comes to ‘silent night, holy night’ song it just killing me… I was in tears over the Christmas memories in Sabah.

Even though, that we have to spend Christmas far away from our family in Sabah, still Christmas was so wonderful this year, probably because my husband was off work and truly had the time to enjoy it. We even went for a vacation to Langkawi as our early Christmas gift and we just love it… I’ll post the pictures soon.

thanks papa; oxoxoxo ;


CuTeMiUt78 said...

oh so cute alden

Aldeany Hope said...

thanks auntie...

like father like son