Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ouchhh! I’ve been Tagged by CATLINA

Anyway, thanks to catlina for this TAG.

7 facts about myself

1. I always love & miss my hubby so much… not forgetting my little Hero Alden.

(always be my 1st list)

2. I’m a teacher, a wife of Mr. Dodon & mama of a young little handsome Aldeany Hope :)

3. ...planning for a baby girl next year… twin would be a bonus

(hehe.. no kidding I got a twin brother)

4. …came from a big family with 8 brothers and a sister

( u may check the list in my entry before)

5. I celebrate Harvest Festival, Ester Day, Christmas Day & of course Birthday!

6. huuhuu.. I’m now 29th years old, but I don’t give a damn on it..

age is just anumber as long as you are young at heart.. that’s matter hehe..

7. Catlina’s neighbour.

6 unspectacular quirks of mine

1. I love eating…eat, eat .. eat.. :p especially nasi lemak.

2. I prefer shower then zZZzzZZ... whenever I am angry or feel like he**

3. love traveling, shopping(sometime window shopping) heehee…

4. When I am a single going to cinema is a MUST…just love the loud

sound effect and the screams by the peoples there. Sometimes I scream too.. haha

5. After married still love to cinema… hehe..

6. I’m now addicted to blog.... (but not as addicted as Catlina… I’m kidding!)

7 people to tag...
I don’t have much friend to tag by but sesape yg tersuka suke tag ni.. just follow the rules.. :p

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Dodon said...

Hi mama&babyalden..Thanks for the 'fact' #1.. i love both of u..so much.. :)

Terharu.. :p

CatlinaFly said...

tahniah dah siap keje sekolah tag ni hehe..weh ko g sekolah kan today?ari ni meeting kan..samelah dgn cg fly

itukz said...

hehehe... cam tw2 je... nsb bek PMR result ok.. kalo x, bingit telinga tu..

keje sekolah kene siapkn..xleh tangguh2 nt boss ,marah.. :p

itukz said...

papa terharu??
heeeehee.. nampaknya blh dpt new year present ni.. :p