Monday, December 29, 2008

Poor Papa..

In conjunction of this Tahun Baru Hijrah I got funny news today, Papa woke up early in the morning today and then later… he got a tangled with me (not a serious one…); (marah2 sayang je) it just about the ASNB book that he searched for… so I helped him to searched for it, do flashed back … finally papa found it safely at the cabinet... sigh~

I prepared him a breakfast, kissed good bye and he rashly go to Kluang town. After a few minutes, I got call from papa… He told me about today is Tahun Baru Hijrah and Post office is CLOSED.

Poor papa… actually he wants to transfer some money from Maybank into his ASNB today… BUT I think it’s kind of good news for me.. hehehee… so that I can ask papa to buy me a New Year present :p


CatlinaFly said...
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CatlinaFly said...

oh patutlah donny call tny keje ke hari ni..dia tak taw semalam coti yer..hmm..rasanye asb tutup dah ni..utk agihan dividen..smpi 1 @2 jan..tak ingat ler..

BabyAlden&Mama said...

tu lerr.. kan dah kantoiii kat asb.. pastu sy suke gak.. suh dia g coci keta.. hehee..baru semangat sy g meeting td.. :p