Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alden & Coconut drink

I supposed to post this pictures earlier before but it’s delayed because of my limited time… lol. Well, taking care of Alden is not that easy..
He is now starting active and I hate when he’s trying
to jump here and there… Once he never stops playing
and sleep late at night! But he is good
when we switch off the light he understood that is time for bed.
One thing that was funny is Alden likes to repeat what adults do…
I think that is normal for kids and
they’re getting to develop their brain. So, we adults must be very careful
with what we do
in front of our kids. Those pictures were taken on our family trip to Langkawi on Dec 2008.
I will post it separately based on the locations visited. Well, I’ll go with this first..
The Seven Wells, Langkawi. There are more pictures soon..

I love watching Alden drink the coconut water..
He might be very thirsty after a long track..

Drink with patiences..

Alden give a big smile after finishing his Coconut drink.

Whoa! I accidentally felled into the water and wet my clothes..

The water was sooo cold!
I'd really love to go into it but just forgot to bring cloths.
This is only the 1st stage of the Seven Wells lol..

Aunty Carol; a mum to be in 4 months more to go.

Alden: thank you for the transport papa.. Good Service!


Dodon said...

i like the last photo.. papa & babyAlden pakai speak mata..
like father like son.. hehe

BabyAlden&Mama said...

Hikhik ...
baby got fan! kalini dia dpt barbie doll. :p