Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alden's Girlfriends!

Alden really know how to making friends with those strangers, lol..
Look at his action...
it seems that Alden like the other one.. lol

Putra Jaya...
Alden met girlfriends from Bosnia...

While waiting for the ferry at Langkawi Jetty...
Alden met a new friend and that is Soha from Iran.Syss... Mama Alden is promoting Gunung Kinabalu, Sabah
or Mount Kinabalu, Sabah to those beautiful Ladies from Russia.

I love her beautiful eyes & sweet smiling face

Visitors from Russia...
Location : Cable Car, Langkawi

I just noticed that the 3 person in this picture
was the same person that we met at Cable Car.. lol.

Uncle Dems with Alden's friends from Finland.
They're just about goin up to the Seven Wells...while we are going down.
Hope they can make it.

[Now, what..? Alden frenz or mama?] LOL