Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Barbie Doll?

Alden trip to Sabah was GREAT! My first visit goes to my sister's house at
Taman Bersatu, Putatan. We stayed for 2days & one night there before left to my mum house.
Alden really enjoy being with his uncles & auntie. He really loves to play with them.
Here are some pictures for today and there are more to come!

I love this cute barbie..

Barbie girl?
Looks perfect for Alden's Bride.

On the way to kg...
I visited my friend Charmine; my ex schoolmate in primary & secondary school.
So happy that I finally get the opportunity to met her that day.

Alden at the kids play ground at Centre Point mall

From Left; Mama&Alden, Cynde May, Hadzrin, Grand ma & Jean Mc Colland


B2 said...

Hi! I'm sorry I haven't left a comment until now, I keep forgetting! But I love reading your blog! Your baby is beautiful. I am glad you read our blog, feel free to anytime!!

BabyAlden&Mama said...

Hi there!
thank you for reading my blog too..
Your Son Carson is really adorable..

biianczahun said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ank matsalleh mana lagi tue????