Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pictures Say A Thousand Words

Alden's Feeling : Excited.. Curious.. Exhilarated..

Mama..mama.. I want to take this penguin home..

Beautiful white swan..
I like to imagine that it was me..
but it wasn't me.. Haaha..

Artificial Waterfall

Am I Handsome? lol..
info : Catfish?

Fresh Water Fishes ;
Tropical Garfish or Called Ikan Buaya in Malay
size: more than 1.6 m

Uncle Dems

Alden at Underwater World...
our 3rd day in Langkawi


Fly said...

Cikgu ituk suka ah tgk header baru tu, smart ah..sape tembak gambar tu? teruja daku melihat si din tu, kacak sungguh walau dari belakang gambarnya