Thursday, February 05, 2009

Poor Alden

As I lay down in front of my TV...
while my husband doing some update on his blog
suddenly I heard something fallen from my kitchen.
It sounds like something broken...
and here the theater begin..

O my gosh! My dish collections are all gone..

Alden hurt his hand on those broken plates. Luckily it is not too serious..
But the bleeding finger still could make me shocked!

Cleaning wounds in the Bathroom

hmm, I wonder what he's thinking about the incident..


Krista said...

AAAHHHH oh my goodness; poor thing! And your poor dishes!

(It's me, Krista! And no I don't mind you lurking! I too am a fellow blog-lurker.)

BabyAlden&Mama said...

:) tq Krista.
He's now Okay.. and i hope there's no more incident..

so, i'm gonna add your link here.
: ) you have such a great kids.

ainsahrizal said...

Sian Alden...take care!! Jgn nakal2.