Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am really busy these days... works; students homework that I supposed to mark!
Oh, no! again..
the next day the school work that I have to mark
still in the bag keep safely in my car... UNTOUCHED!! LOL...
Actually I am busy with my sports training that is held every evening, huh..
(Chan; My friend said, SORRY that is not an excuse.. )
and that is why I cannot make a new entry for my blog too..
but anyway I've got free time today so I can spend some time to update my blog.

Okay for today's update..
Here is Alden in Ultra man shirt..
He really don't like the mask but when he saw his own cutie face on the mirror
he was so excited and overwhelm with joy that he do not bear to take off the mask.. lol

Alden in Ultraman shirt.. ;p
UltraAlden vs UltraMama?


CatlinaFly said...

keh keh keh..alden ssssooooooo cute!

zieha said...

hero alden cutenya..nk lawan sape tu..siap pakai mask?