Saturday, February 28, 2009


I’ve been one of The Girl Guide Association of Malaysia members since I was in secondary school. Actually there’s nothing to proud of ... coz I am not an active members. After leaving my secondary school I continue my student’s life in a local University in Malaysia and I joined the PALAPES as my co curriculum activity. It is more to discipline & team work. I would describe it as the preparation to be an army (Captain). Haahaa.. but don’t get me wrong!! I am not a Captain anyway. Haahaa... (I'm blushing!); I quit PALAPES after the 1st semester in U. PALAPES activity was very tough that I have to gave up.. Then I took traditional music to replace my co curriculum activity.. What a shamed! LoL.. but hey... I did get A for it!

Then again, I am now one of the Girl Guide teachers in my school but it’s okay.. I enjoy being with them. ‘Thinking Day’ was our first event in 2009 and due to my past year experienced there are lots of event in the future. But I have to be honest that I am not really interested with the programme that is organized on Sunday which was definitely a Public Holiday!! Coz I will be having another programme on Sunday (tomorrow) and then on the next Saturday & Sunday... again? Just by mentioning this is enough to make me feel so tired! But what to do.. As a teacher we have to show our obedience to an order right? Sorry, if you’re not agreed with me but the fact is I need some private time with my family on weekend. Whoa!!

Okay, here are bunch of pictures that I took during the ‘Thinking Day’ programme that is on 22 February.

Girls Guide Donation for helping others..

Girls Guide from Primary School
I love watching their cute & innocent faces

While they're waiting for the food.. I took some photos to released their tension...
They have to queued for more than an hour waiting for their lunch to be delivered

They are my students taking photos with Pn. Rahimah which is
Our Girls Guide President for Kluang District.

Just look at them.. they're look so happy, I guess.