Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Papa... come catch me if u can..

mama.. mama.. help!! papa wanna catch me, warghhh....

My first time to go through this hole... :p

Thanks Papa & Mama for this opportunity!
I love both of You!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Love This Award...

...at last I picked this cute award from Catlina,
it doesn't mean that the other awards are not cute but I just
want to be polite and more over my basket only fit for just one item.
Anyway, I hope all of the blogger out there will have a WONDERFUL DAY as mine.


Mm... Yummmyyy!!! I hope I would get some more...


Alden really loves eating Ice cream... He would asks MORE & MORE for it!

Friday, March 27, 2009


It's almost a week now that we’re back to school again and I don’t think that I would have much time to upload the new picture at one time so I will upload it based on my free time. Yes,just look at my entry before, it only got 2 pictures and I’m totally kicking myself now because it was just NOT enough for me! lol...

So, again.. Here are another pictures for remainder of all the fun we shared from our trip that day.

My mum really enjoy this trip coz she love visiting the animals.

Animal Planet on ASTRO is one of her favorite channel ever. We love that too.



A CUB...

Look at that! Alden was pretty impressive with the Black Squirrel that actively running around.

It is called 'MONGOLUTON' in Kadazan-Dusun language.(Maybe)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

At The ZOO

We’d been searching for the best place during the school holidays; or something fun that Alden would enjoy doing or at least can relax our body & soul.. then we finally decided to go to Kota Tinggi Waterfalls or A Famosa Resort as plan B. Unfortunately, sad to say that we had to change our plan and came up with plan C LOL.. besides Papa only got 2 days off.
but I am looking forward to do plan B; hopefully in the near future!

Nice View huh..?

Alden is so excited feeding the elephants..

Thanks to my brother in law for his willing to be our ‘Map’ during our outing to Zoo. You make our day more wonderful. Okay, here are just a few pictures from our outing last Monday at Sultan Abu Bakar Zoo in JB.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Special Thanks to Zieha for giving me this award..
and I would like to forward this blog award to all of my blog followers
or my favorite bloggers which was on Alden favorite blog list.
or to any blogger coz you deserved it!
I love your blog too Zieha!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I’ve just met her yesterday and guess what? Now she’s just delivered her 1st baby girl.

I'm super excited and can’t wait to see her new born baby girl.

Frankly speaking, I do love being pregnant again; feel the baby moves inside

my belly and really hope those feelings of complete excitement return to me again... LOL

Congrats to Mr & Mrs. Fly for their new baby; that is a real BABY GIRL and not a Baby Nikon okay..

Sorry no picture here, but just wanna share the Hot News today! for more info kindly call Mr.&Mrs. Fly through SMS ok...

My Little Hero

Busy, busy, busy... but I totally feel incomplete without post something in this blog haahaa..

There are many things happened in my life for this past two months and

I had take some time to settle it down.. hoping that everything will turn back to normal again.



For what ever it may be; Bad or good that things happened, life must goes on right.. : p

Sorry I am not going to share the “things” here; but they really know how to cheer up my life.

Thanks God.



Joy of My Life

Ayu winner of 'One in A Million' 2008

Photograph by Dodon

We went to Batu Pahat Mall on the last two week and bought our new digital Camera; D90.

I felt LUCKY coz at the same time there are the finalist of Malaysian One in A Million at BP Mall.

After the singing performance there also was a “Shuffle Dance” competition.

Alden really enjoyed the music and even trying to dance at his own style.

I love Amylea’s voices.. + she’s cute on stage. ..

I wish I could have more pictures with the finalist but PapaAlden was having a long

discussion with the Charlie’s staff. Fortunately, I could still have one picture with Ayu the winner

of One In A Million (2008). She’s also from Sabah; Alden hometown.

And do you know what?

I’d just noticed my mum hand at Ayu’s shoulder... haha, BIG Fan of Ayu huh? :p


p.s I would loved to try that Ayu hair style; maybe, next time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Life is hectic these days, especially during last week. Yes! I would have loved to do some updates on our blog,

I really wanted to release tension by blogging; they say blogging is a free therapy... but I am super duper BUSY last week!

Well, they say it is never too late to act on things. Here I am posting a little bit about what took me so long for updates. Ha-ha!

I was crazy busy last Monday coz I had to prepare an exam on ‘Basic Arithmetic Skills’. The objective of this exam is to identify those students who are not mastering the basic Arithmetic. So, I select all the students in form 1 Efisyen and add another student from other classes who I assumed poor in basic Maths.

Look at their answer... they are very poor in Basic Mathematics right?

Can you imagine that... how do you think I should teach them? Poor teacher... lol!

After inserted the result of each student on database here is the conclusion...

They are totally out in Mathematics. They can’t do easy Multiplication or Division.

Even on easy Addition or Subtraction! Whoa.. Help me! Anyone..?

Day by day.., stone by stone.. I am trying my best.. :p

Thanks to Ms. Chan coz helped me to mark all the students’ papers. You make my life easier that day. Ha-ha.

Thanks God finally I managed to complete the task. And successfully submit to our Head panel.

I also got involved with the MSSD at Kluang Stadium last week

that is started on Tuesday until Friday. And I am one of their Technical Assistant.

Okay, what I do there actually is to record the amount of time taken for the runners.

Yup, it was very easy coz we are using stopwatch but don’t get me wrong friends...

even that we had just to sit and watch for the stopwatch; waiting for the runners to end the race....

we were all tired out! Coz we had to attend all of the eight sessions in four days!

I tell you it is more tired than to stay at school and teaching all day. Whoa!

But the best is I got new friends there and they are all a good team work.

What else?? I also registered for KOAM exam. You’ve got to believed me! LOL...


Sorry for the low quality of pictures.

Our D60 has just been sold so those pictures are taken using hand phone camera. (“,)

...to be continue...