Wednesday, March 25, 2009

At The ZOO

We’d been searching for the best place during the school holidays; or something fun that Alden would enjoy doing or at least can relax our body & soul.. then we finally decided to go to Kota Tinggi Waterfalls or A Famosa Resort as plan B. Unfortunately, sad to say that we had to change our plan and came up with plan C LOL.. besides Papa only got 2 days off.
but I am looking forward to do plan B; hopefully in the near future!

Nice View huh..?

Alden is so excited feeding the elephants..

Thanks to my brother in law for his willing to be our ‘Map’ during our outing to Zoo. You make our day more wonderful. Okay, here are just a few pictures from our outing last Monday at Sultan Abu Bakar Zoo in JB.


zieha said...
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zieha said...

wah..sukanya alden gan belalai gajah hero masih tak berkesempatan lg nk pegi zoo.Bukan apa takut animal2 dalam zoo nnti lari tengok firas..hehehehe:p