Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I’ve just met her yesterday and guess what? Now she’s just delivered her 1st baby girl.

I'm super excited and can’t wait to see her new born baby girl.

Frankly speaking, I do love being pregnant again; feel the baby moves inside

my belly and really hope those feelings of complete excitement return to me again... LOL

Congrats to Mr & Mrs. Fly for their new baby; that is a real BABY GIRL and not a Baby Nikon okay..

Sorry no picture here, but just wanna share the Hot News today! for more info kindly call Mr.&Mrs. Fly through SMS ok...


zieha said...

Wah.. deliver sudah mama catlina..congrates to her..mesti mama alden..terkejutzz kan sbb baru jupe smlm..hehehe( kirim salam ye kat cat)

BabyAlden&Mama said...

yelaa ibu Firas, tp perut dia dah turun sangat time tu. cuma x sangka pula..
:p dah tambah lg sorang ibu & model hiiihii..

Fly said...

ok din..nanti uncle kenalkan din ngan baby uncle ye :)din kena macho2 tau time jumpa tu..