Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Pet?

Actually, this is not my pet okay... LoL
The owner of this lovely cat is catlina and she called it 'oni' ...
if u want to know more about it just click on catlina's blog spot in my blog lists.
'oni' is a friendly cat..nice..&has a soft fur that I really want to kidnap. LOL..
So, please don't leave your 'oni' alone ya!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kids Business?

Kids business..
Can anyone tell me what they're 'chit-chat' about?
it may be something serious, huh? LOL

Mr & Mrs. Catlina

happy family..

Mini Gathering
Location: IVM, Kluang
Specific location: Mr.&Mrs. Catlina's hse
Date: March 2009

Tentative Programme
- Ice breaking for kids..
- Photography session 1(indoor)
- 'chit-chat' time
-Photography session 2(out door)

Thank you for all the modeling & photographer ya! It was a nice evening after all...

Beloved Mama

Thank You Mama

Thank you for all the...

Although, there are so much

that comes through our life...

You’re strong and always be with us

Our Beloved Mama...

I know yourself went into pieces
when you lost the one you really loved...

We knew it very well...

And for sure, you always have us

As a friend, a children, a family..

We Love you mama..
Sorry for all our wrong doings...
especially the things that hurt your heart the most...

We ask for your forgiveness

One thing for sure

We will always love you

You are the best mama for us...