Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kids Business?

Kids business..
Can anyone tell me what they're 'chit-chat' about?
it may be something serious, huh? LOL

Mr & Mrs. Catlina

happy family..

Mini Gathering
Location: IVM, Kluang
Specific location: Mr.&Mrs. Catlina's hse
Date: March 2009

Tentative Programme
- Ice breaking for kids..
- Photography session 1(indoor)
- 'chit-chat' time
-Photography session 2(out door)

Thank you for all the modeling & photographer ya! It was a nice evening after all...


CatlinaFly said...

wallaweii..gumuknye diriku dlm gmbr ittewww!!hehehe..tgh dlm proses slimkan bdn balik ni hik hik