Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love You Mama!

"Happy Mother's Day! I love you mama... I love you daddy... "
I personally touched with the Choir that presented by the children in our church yesterday.
The lyrics was excellent and they are very innocent in their presentation.

They're giving us a Candy too... and I still remember that last year they gave us a red Rose.. :) and I just can't forget one of the older couples that sat next beside me; might be around 70-80 years old.. They looked so happy together.. holding hand together that I think was sooooo sweet... Okay, I have to confess here the older couple really touch my life.. and yes I was in tears then..
it looks very simple but it really works.

After the mass at St. Louis Church we directly search a best place for dinner. and so we choose to go S&S for celebrating Mother's Day. but I'm a bit sad coz I haven't take any picture during our dinner last night.

Anyway, today we are celebrating Mother's Day once more at home and with a cake that I baked myself...
My favorite cake's ever - Black Forest Cake!
Ha-ha-ha... I'm kidding! I'm not good in baking cake- I bought it last night at S&S.

Happy Mother's Day mama... Happy Mother's Day to all ya!


B2 said...

Happy Mother's Day! I also love it when the children sing in church! Hope you had a great day!