Sunday, May 10, 2009


In conjunction of the Teacher’s Day celebration we had prepared some sports game for teachers in our school. After the Badminton competition last month we had our bowling tournament with SMK Kahang Timur at Kluang Parade last Friday.

Blue vs Red


Not forget to mention it here that most of us really dunno how to bowl and we only had 2 to 3 days practiced before the tournament... LOL . And I think it was still too soon for a tournament. So, don’t be surprise that mostly we hit the wrong target but don’t get me wrong.. Some of us really were ‘happening’! It was fun actually and such a great escaped for us.

Congratulations for all the winners

The 1st prize goes to our team SMKSL... and of course

2nd prize goes to SMK Kahang Timur... also I would like to highlight that

the winner for the BEST SCORE on this season goes to AURIKO ...

Million Thanks to everyone who participated in this match and I am looking forward

to learning to bowl with you guys next time. . besides we can ‘huha..huhaa..’ together.. lol


R : Auriko, Farah(SMKK team), baby Farah, Min, Maya, Kiroro, Kiara(front), Kia & Ara...

SMK Kahang Timur Team.

I only knew the name of their sifu... AH-Ha(Red shirt).