Saturday, December 26, 2009

Now I'm going to Cry...

What a Merry Christmas for this little girl and her family!
Perfect timing, right after wishing for him, he comes walking from around the corner. yes, that was too awesome..
Just check this out!

Those types of videos ALWAYS make me cry, I feel like a waterfall, and this year(once more) i know what its like not have my family around for Christmas. I wish I can gather with my family this Christmas but since I'm 34 weeks pregnancy on 18 Dec (my flight to Sabah), I failed to get a 'refer letter' from my Doctor. Huaa.. hua.. hua.. What to do..

Btw, I'm so brilliant in arranging a trip as a replacement for my Christmas celebrations in Sabah. So that I wont really feel 'homesick' on Christmas lol! I'll post it in my next entry.

Merry Christmas everyone :) &Thanks for the wishes.