Monday, March 01, 2010


This is not the first time Alden seeing a fish but
holding it. So, I just let him enjoy it..

He is now obsessed by the fish!

Alden can make anything fun. He's such a silly little boy.

Alden think that this is very exciting..

Alden showing the fish to his little brother Adreal.
"hey bro.. du u noe wat is dis.. dis is my Fis"

For your info the fish was sponsored by Chan & kak Aida,
not just ‘a fish’ but there are plenty of fish. Thank you so much
for the fish dear. My DH steamed it for me & it’s so delicious.. yummy!


biianczahun said...

aduii kiutnya~ ikan tue bha~~ tp still kiut dia bg ikan dgn adreal