Monday, April 26, 2010

Black & White

I take a day off today because my baby sitter got a family business that they have to do today, I don't know what & I didn't ask for more details but it's okay at least I can rest for another 1 day & taking care of my two adorable little boys.

Handmade Cloth's decoration; specially done by kak Aida, that's so awesome! Thanks ya! Love it... She so creative that you should visit her blog here.

Pic taken using E71

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest
we take between two deep breaths."

-- Etty Hillesum

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adreal's Outing

Mama, let's go... I'm ready!

sDs ~ Our Favourite place to eat, eat & eat..

Mr. Aldeany Hope

Adreal's @ 1 month and three days old

My chubby little boy

Lucky Number

It's been 22 days since my last post. So, I just choose this lucky number SAA 8217 K for blog updates.That was last year pictures that I snap with my Canon IXUS 80... And that wasn’t my car but my friend Lydia owned it. Haha.. What happened to that car? The story was funny & so embarrassed but don’t worry I will tell you about it.

I still remember that day was on 24th of September 2009; We had so much fun that day.. we ate & chit chat a lots of old & new story together. Finally, we decided to go to Philippines Market before going home.

It was a fine evening and we had a great smile on our face because at last we managed to get a perfect space to park a car. Then we rashly went to the Philippines Market to buy some pearls & brooches. We do bargained and go to the next market after another.. Think that we spent at about 3 hours to search for the perfect pearls & brooches. Yeah, that’s how ladies shop rite?


We get back to the car and so surprised that there were too many people there… guess what? They’re preparing their things & some of them were ready to sell their items to their customers.
OMG! I cannot believe it! It was a night market street!!
We cannot move our car from that area. That was such a disaster to us! Yes, it just like a Chess game.. Still mate!

What the he**…, so stupid.. idiot & etc; I told to myself. I never knew that there was another place for ‘night market’ except at Kg. Air/Sinsuran Street.

I asked one of the sellers about what time will the night market ended; she said ‘maybe at 11 pm but if the weather is good & many buyers then it will end at 12pm or 1am... .’

What else can we do? We walked to the shopping complex (CP) again (again..?), we watched movie (Tsunami) but the night still young when it end but the night market hasn’t ended yet. So, we go to the nearest restaurant and take our supper. Wait until the restaurant closed then we walked again to the night market. We are a bit relief when we saw some of them start to packed their items but we still have to wait until the road is clear so that we can move our car from it. After a long waited, Thanks God, finally we got out from that he** at 1.00 am. Sure! We will never park to that area again.

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Well today I had a moment of loneliness, not because of Dodon’s absence but because I missed my mum presence here on Easter. So, I post something that could bring the memories back while she was visiting us last year.

I was actually impressed with my mum & her harmonica talent. FYI my mum never been to school but her elder sister taught her how to read & count. That is because she has to take care of her siblings. And you might be surprise she once a grocer’s. When I asked her how she learns to played harmonica, she answered ‘No one taught me but I usually heard my father played harmonica, and I secretly borrowed his harmonica’.
That makes me think of what might she’ll be now if she has the opportunity of going to school.. Sad but glad to know that most of her ‘production’ succeeds. Thanks mom you’re great!