Saturday, April 03, 2010


Well today I had a moment of loneliness, not because of Dodon’s absence but because I missed my mum presence here on Easter. So, I post something that could bring the memories back while she was visiting us last year.

I was actually impressed with my mum & her harmonica talent. FYI my mum never been to school but her elder sister taught her how to read & count. That is because she has to take care of her siblings. And you might be surprise she once a grocer’s. When I asked her how she learns to played harmonica, she answered ‘No one taught me but I usually heard my father played harmonica, and I secretly borrowed his harmonica’.
That makes me think of what might she’ll be now if she has the opportunity of going to school.. Sad but glad to know that most of her ‘production’ succeeds. Thanks mom you’re great!