Friday, May 07, 2010

Have A Nice Weekend!

I end my class today by giving them a homework as for their mid-term exam preparation@ revision. I just picked a random exercises on every topic of what they had learn before and now recognized that it wasn't enough for them. I think I would give them a bundle of exercises next week. lol..

"Have a nice weekend" "Enjoy your weekend" "Very Easy"

That was my ex-teachers' favorite trade mark. I still remember that she will loaded us with homeworks & exercises before she includes her compulsory word. She really inspiring me... :)

And in conjunction of the Teacher's Day celebration on 16 May I would like to say...
'Thank You Teacher, You are a Good Teacher!'

(I know this is an advanced greeting but that accepted cuz I'm a teacher ok, lol...)


CatlinaFly said...

happy mothers day too!tak berblog sgt today, dah mlm baru online :)