Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is to announce that the give away contest will be CLOSED now.
BRAVO... double thumbs up for all the answers!! none of you get it wrong.. :)
And a BIG huge thanks to everyone else who entered the give away!! Thank you all for your lovely comments @answers! I am flattered by how many of you joined the fun! Also a thanks to those of you who's links navigated so many new people over here to my little blog. This turned out to be such fun! :) Please stay tuned for I'm sure to eventually have another give away.

P.S The winner will be picked tonight and will announce on my next post. ASAP.


tiefazatie said...

wah..wish im lucky sis..=)rindu sabah nie..hihi

kakyong said...

ooohh.. tak sabar nak nantikan keputusan

Jue said...

sabar yek kak yong.. & tiez.. :)

E K A said...

nak jugek adiahnya...alyawz miss sabah