Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Just stopping in for a quick hello! It's been a while, just a lot of other things taking up my attention at the moment. One of which is a new to my life, which I'm not suspected at all. I don't understand but that God's plan, got to believed that every cloud has a silver lining. yes.
But I'm looking forward to finding the best way to raise my loving child Alden, of course giving him the best so that he will become 'somebody' in the future, that's matter.

Alden :)
He will wear his first devices this Friday, I wonder how he will react.. I just hope that he will not broke the hearing aid device.. cuz it paid with a high cost. & hopefully it will help him a lot. Thanks God that this is not the worst rather than the others.


biianczahun said...

ive heard the news abt alden frm last week.sorry to hear that. & as ur ank buah im really sorii if bb perna kasi skt ati aci...and u should knw dat bb always sayang aci & ur don worry abt alden much. myb awl2 ad msti ad probnya but lama2 dia pndai besa jga tue..luv bb n fam frm kk!

CatlinaFly said...

wishing alden all the alden and adreal..mmuaahh!