Thursday, November 25, 2010

KL Bird Park

Now is November 2010 & it's time to get some fun with the kids & their grandmas..

We had so many places to see and so many things to do that I just found myself happily exhausted.. more pictures soon :)

:) Alden was afraid of the turkeys..

Alden: wish I'll get more coins..
got two grandmas.. so the more coins lol..

wish to get toys but no toys lol

it's a fish food la papa...

well trained..

Opss.. talk to the hands...

what's that mama.. :)

White Parrot




Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

chan said...

jue, actually wana comment in BM but since ur blog is in Bi, have to change my channel too...hehehhe..
I m just wondering, y the photos is almost the same that u had in ur previous post??? ( the only difference is without adreal)...My main point is, u should go to have fun at another placa!Peninsular Malaysia is really a great place to enjoy!hehehhehe

Jue said...

:p that was my 1st time went to that park lorr.. hmm, hv u ever been there? maybe, maybe not.. :p
there are too many interesting places in KL that not many of us aware of it..or not even thinking of going there.. i think we shud go & proud of it haha
:) Peace no war lol..

chan said...

hahahaha, no really been there coz dun like birds... i prefer zoo... n i think the photo that saying alden afraid of turkey.... is it a turkey? not a peacock????? m not so sure bout birds....juz wana make sure...

Jue said...

yala mcm peacock la haha..
:p true true true