Thursday, January 06, 2011

Planetarium KL 2010

Actually, we planned to go to Petrosains Discovery Centre but the 'Garmin' make us lost lol.. gladly we found another attractive places :p & the kids enjoy their journey @Planetarium.. Which is dedicated to all things related to space and astronomy. & feeling very happy cuz we only paid RM3 to entered @Planetarium

nenek Kiulu

Adreal with nenek Membakut

mama.. mama am I oso from an egg?

the two genius is ready for boarding :)

Our Future astronauts

It's time for an ice cream
Nyum... nyumm.. :)

My Mum & MIL

Monster egg? I want this, papa..
Alden wants that 'egg' so badly but the genius papa told Alden that the 'egg' was so heavy (in action) lol & he cannot bring it back home

astronauts model for 2010 hehe
& i love this pic so very much.. you know why huhu