Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pudding Caramel

Now I know preparing a pudding caramel is as easy as ABC :)
ho-ho-ho... u wont know until u try it yourself.

Pudding Caramel with shape :P

and more pudding shapes :)

This is my first time you noe.. hiihii
Thanks to Nadya Haryani for sharing the recipe :P

:) I bought this last year @JUSCO,Malacca.
So proud that finally i used it ha-Ha!


...aida... said...

Wah... first time tengok puding caramel macam-macam shape...
I like... mesti sedap...

Jue said...

hiihii, sedappp kaka.. tp dont ask bout the rest.. sdh tentu berlubang lubang kena cut buat shape. :P

CatlinaFly said...

pos ler sini sikit heheehhehe...comel2..;) pasni leh wat macaron...kalau nak buat red velvet sama2 sy orait jek..;)